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Moon Sequence

Moon Sequence is a gentle form of vinyasa for everyone. It can be a support to, or it may complement the regular practice of dynamic yoga styles. It can be performed by women during menstruation or, by using alternative versions of asanas, during pregnancy. It is ideal for the so-called moondays – Full Moon or New Moon.

The sequence works mainly in the area of hips, the lower part of the spine and abdomen. It strengthens knees and ankles, it relieves the neck, the arms and wrists.

We begin the practice with a short meditation and Moon Salutations. We begin the positions that follow, often taken from yin yoga, starting from the left side, and we make the transitions between them in the lying position. Closed eyes help us direct the senses inwards and listen to our body more. The finishing asanas, with legs supported against the wall, performed before the relaxation, help us fully regenerate.

Moon phases largely affect the changes occurring at the level of body and emotions. Practitioners may be tense and restless during Full Moon, and exhausted and depressed during New Moon. When we pay attention to the phases of the Moon, moving along with the wave of inflows and outflows, we can manage our energy wisely.