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Prenatal yoga

Nine months of expecting a baby is an exceptional time for a woman. She has to take care of herself in a particular way during that time – she must eat a healthy diet and avoid colds. Physical activity is also important in order both for the mum and the baby to feel well. Pregnancy yoga is a perfect idea to keep fit and healthy.

Why Yoga?

Not every kind of physical activity is recommended for pregnant women. Our classes are different from other types of exercises in that it has a salutary effect on the increase of the abdominal cavity and the pelvis as well as on stretching the entire body, which will certainly make the sole moment of birth of the baby easier. Additionally, relaxing exercises help to diminish stress and anxiety.

Our yoga school in the centre of Poznań offers classes dedicated especially for future mummies, during which you will stimulate the circulation and strengthen the muscles. You practice under the supervision of a qualified teacher and midwife, so you can have a sense of safety both for you and the baby you are carrying in your belly.