Yoga Academy


Relax Into Stretch

Our body is a very complex system; to maintain its mechanical efficiency it should be able to perform smooth movement in possibly full range of mobility.

During physical training the tension in the working muscles increases and they become shortened as a result of biochemical changes. For muscle tissue to be ready for further work, it must return to its optimum length. The shorter the muscle, the greater the tension causing pain. The tension can consequently lead to the worsening of blood supply in the muscles and the formation of adhesions that lead to a reduction of strength and muscle performance.

By supplementing our physical activity with stretching and relaxation sessions, we keep our musculoskeletal system in the optimal form, maintaining joy resulting from flexibility, freedom of movement and serenity.

In the classes we use stretching-through-relaxation techniques resulting from nervous mechanisms, directing the entire mental attitude to relaxation and reduction of tension in the stretched muscles, i.e. waiting for the tension to die out, proprioreceptive neuromuscular facilitation (isometric stretching contraction/relaxation type), contrastive breath, visualisations, Jacobson’s relaxation methods.