Yoga Academy


Agnieszka Łukowicz

When in 2009 I took part in yoga classes for the first time, I had no idea it would become a tool of discovering myself, my capabilities and limits. It turned out to be the way of perfecting and healing my body, learning about nonviolence and of discovering my soul, contemplation of my own behaviour, mechanism and programs; It became a driving force of physical changes, my lifestyle and my preferences. Thanks to yoga, I continuously discover new places, gaining new experience in confidence.

I believe that everyone of us has a real force in themselves . You “only” need to see it, listen to yourself and go forward in compliance with your own convictions.

Because the soul is inquisitive and likes new experience…

My yoga style is the one which gets me to the goal: health, strength and good frame of mind.

In order to know what I am capable of, I explore my possibilities and coming near the limits has different effects which makes my yoga evolve. First it was Lengyar, then Ashtanga with Vinyasa. At the moment it is Vinyasa, Air Yoga, stretching and elements of meditation.

During the practice I experienced problems with my bodywork which made me rethink and look for some solutions. It was the moment when massage appeared in my life as a way of regeneration and deep relaxation. Thanks to the knowledge I gained at the Greater Poland Medical School I try to help the others with the beneficial influence of massage. I continually deepen my yoga experience through numerous courses and workshops – starting from teacher training courses, to yoga workshops with such teachers as Regina Szczypior, Max Czenszak, Przemek Nadolny and Maciej Wielobób.