Yoga Academy


Beata Mrugalska

It is difficult to determine where your own yoga path begins. I have always felt that I would like to find yoga, I felt closeness of its philosophy, knowing so little about it. For a long time, I had been searching for a practice proper for me until I have finally found AshtangaVinyasa Yoga during this journey. I needed time to become friends with it. The longer I practiced, the more I loved it and the more astounding its phenomenon was becoming to me. I have found in it the combination of everything that is material, physical, real with what is spiritual, subtle and airy, but also simple and close to the heart. Until this day, I am constantly experiencing the miracle of the practice, the one on the mat and around it. Yoga is finding the real me, it is a limitless journey and happiness. Simultaneously, I am learning Ayurveda all the time, the field linked with yoga by the common concept, the common, holy source. This is also an endless trip, fascinating and surprising.

I am grateful that I can share all this, I am grateful that others share with me.
I draw a bit, I cook a lot, my dominant elements are the air, space and fire. I am trying to balance them, although it is not easy. I love the sea and I have fallen in love with India very much.

I have finished 1st and 2nd degree course foe Ayurveda consultant JIVA Ayurveda. I participate in cyclical seminars led by Dr.PartapChauhan and Dr.Satya Narayan Das. I have completed teacher’s course AshtangaVinyasa Yoga RYS 200 Yoga Alliance with BasiaLipska in 2015, I participated in workshops with ManjuJois, Kino McGregor, Larunga Glaser. I teach at “toyoga” (previously SurjaJoga) in Chodzież for two years, I co-organize weekend outbound workshops with yoga and Ayurveda.