Yoga Academy


Iza Rzysko

When I think of yoga, I can see that its intensity has always been connected to significant changes in my life. It all started in 2009. My friend Agnieszka showed ashtanga practice to me and told me about yoga. She left me with an adventure which lasts to this day, although it has evolved throughout years. Then Mateusz came along and started teaching me how to “tame” ashtanga yoga. Now I know that thanks to yoga I get off the mat as a better, stronger and wiser person.
It taught me discipline, saved me from laziness, let me accept myself and most of all it opened my eyes to other people. Yoga is already for me a state of awareness which has been colouring my life for a few years now. I came to a point when I wanted to share the joy coming from of the practice with the others. I also wanted to stand on the other side of the mat. In September 2014 I took a teaching course with Maciej Wielobob (Vinyasa Krama teacher training course) which lasts to the present day.
I spent January 2016 in Mysore studying with Sarath R. Jois at Patthabi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute. It was the most beautiful and the most important month in my life. What is more, I completed yoga teacher training course ” Physiotherapeutic aspects of yoga. Methodology of asanas teaching” with Mateusz Stańczak.
In June 2016 I completed Ashtanga Yoga Teachers Training with Manju P. Jois in Berlin.

I also took part in numerous workshops with Basia Lipska Larsen, Maria Stróżyk, Ewa Makowska,
Patrycja Gawlińska, Agnieszka Bera, Nancy Gilgof, Małgorzata Kobus – Kwiatkowska, Andrea Lutz,
Mateusz Deker and and Przemek Nadolny.