Yoga Academy


Marta Karpisiak

In 2007 the University of Medical Sciences in Poznań, probably as an experiment or because of the lack of their own teachers, allowed some randomly selected groups of students to take part in yoga classes in order to earn their PE credit. Luckily for me, I was in one of those groups. That is how my amazing adventure began 😉 As it quckly turned out, one lesson a week was definitely not enough for me and I got to YAM Yoga Studio (Studio Jogi YAM).

I’m a nurse (by profession) and I work in Polna Street ( at Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic at the University Hospital of Medical Sciences – that large, red building where almost all Greater Poznań Voivodeship citizens are born). My profession is also my great passion and that is why the decision to connect it with my second passion – yoga, came naturally to me. In my hometown I have been teaching yoga since 2012 and in the meantime I have meetings with pregnant women in YAM Yoga Studio (Studio Jogi JAM). Observing the positive effect of yoga on the course of pregnancy, the labour and the mood of pregnant women during this special time is amazing – all of these continuously confirms my belief that I am on a good path.

My next passion is horse riding and although yoga on a horseback is difficult to perform ( I’ve tried ! ) I try to take every opportunity to encourage riders to yoga practice. If it wasn’t for yoga like most of my friends after a day in the saddle I would complain about spinal, knee, feet and overall body pains.

As I write this I’m smiling to myself at the thought of the next interesting stage of my life which is cooperation with Yoga Academy. Greetings and see you on the mat! 