Yoga Academy



“Yoga is for everybody: old and young, fat and slim, only not for the lazy ones”

Shri K. Patthabi Jois

Yoga is the practice for everyone regardless of age, condition and limitations.

It is important at the beginning to choose the right class for you.

If you are a person who has never had anything to do with yoga, we suggest starting with the class „Wstęp do jogi” (click to see the description).You will get to know the basics of yoga practice and you will learn the way of bodywork . Remember though, that this class is just transitional – after some time try another kind!

If you are looking for relaxation and the concentration of your mind combined with the gradual improvement of yoga poses, feel invited to the Mysore practice. All our classes take place in spacious, suitably equipped rooms. The only thing you need to take with you is a comfortable outfit. In our school there is no dress code, so only make sure you feel comfortable in your attire.

In our school there is “no shoes” rule, so you go to the class and practise barefoot, on the mat. If you do not have your own mat, you can use those provided in our rooms. If you are looking for a mat for yourself – visit our shop. We recommend coming to the class with an empty stomach, without any large meal within 2-3 hours before it starts, as the full stomach makes it considerably more difficult to practise.

Please come 15-20 minutes before before your chosen class time to sign up at the reception and prepare yourself for the practice without rushing.

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